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Dest team is unique and cohesive with varied and multi-disciplinary skills. The main areas of expertise (that overlap) are the following:  

  • Survey methodology

Dest includes internationally acknowledged survey methodology specialists, conducting research on new ways of producing mobility data (rather statisticians).

  • Quantitative and qualitative behavior analyses

In addition to data designers, Dest includes researchers who know how to analyze those data to make mobility knowledge progress. Dest asset makes possible to combine qualitative survey specialists (rather sociologists or geographers) with quantitative survey specialists (rather engineers, statisticians or econometricians).

  • Spatial analyses

Space is a capital dimension of mobility and Dest include researchers (rather geographers) whose specialty is to analyze this dimension, particularly in different territory types (urban, suburban, exurban, rural).

  • Economic analyses

Economics represents over half of Dest publications and will remain a strong discipline, including transportation economics, environment economics, social inequities analyses (in income and in transportation expenses, and also dwelling expenses), road safety economics.

  • Public policy evaluation

Policy evaluation is a key skill searched for by the department in its dimensions analyze/evaluate/orient, as far as transportation and land use projects, public participation, public policies including road safety are concerned, and is a pluri-disciplinary asset melting economics, policy sociology and psychology.

These skills are implemented by investigating research tracks, by associating for each track the most relevant skills, in an inter-disciplinary mood.